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15 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Make the Neighbors Jealous


The front yard of your home is the most visible aspect of your property. In most neighborhoods, all homes have relatively similar structures and builds. So adding unique features, plants and decorations is a great way to stand out amongst the others. Front yard landscaping will bring character and visual appeal that will make you love your home even more. Read on for fifteen front yard landscaping ideas that will undoubtedly prove your yard as the best on the block.

Climbing Plants

If you want to cover up a plain, bland wall in your yard, planting climbing plants is a great option to bring color and detail. Climbing plants are unique plants that grow alongside walls, but just like any other, there are different types that you should consider depending on the wall you want to upgrade. Consider the type of climbing plant you want to incorporate based on your wall’s orientation toward the sun, wall size, design or structure of the wall and water availability in order to suit the needs of your plant. This front yard landscaping idea is such a unique feature that almost anyone can incorporate.


Any water-related front yard landscaping project will bring a unique and relaxing element to your home. Ponds provide a space to customize when it comes to lining with plants, rocks or stones. Because ponds bring a water element to your front yard, it breaks up the typical patterns of plants, dirt or grass and provides the illusion of depth to make your yard feel more spacious and open. Ponds may seem like a lot of work to care for; however, incorporating certain plants and aquatic life that help maintain the ecosystem by naturally filtering the water and preventing unwanted growths make maintenance much easier and effortless.

Hanging Baskets with Flowers

Do not limit yourself by only planting flowers in the ground, pots or planters. Suspend flowers in the air to add depth to your yard and to make it look even larger. Hanging plants can help your front yard look more cohesive and complete. This is a great way to distinguish your yard from your neighbor’s. When it comes to the type of plant to grow in hanging baskets, herbs are an awesome choice. These plants are great because the baskets separate them for easy harvest and care especially if the herbs each require special instruction. Finding the right location for the herbs, especially throughout the seasons, is easier due to the mobility of the baskets.

Unique Light Fixtures

Incorporating unique light fixtures ensures your front yard looks great at night, too. Illuminating your yard automatically gives your home a more welcoming look and feel. Lights spotlight unique aspects of your space which can enhance certain plants or stone detailing while dimming other features. This is also a great way to line walkways or paths for a magical touch. Not only are lights suitable for looks, but they also ensure safety in the dark. Multipurpose landscape integrations are hard to pass up! One of the neat features about lights is the ability to tailor them to complement a certain style whether it be through light color or style of the fixture. This can automatically step up your modern home or a rustic cabin.

Archway or Arbor

Floral arch in beautiful garden

An archway, also known as an arbor, can frame the entryway to your home. They welcome both you and guests. Archways are not a common feature in front yards nowadays, but when integrated well, they can seamlessly transform your space’s aesthetic. This addition to your front yard also provides structure for plants or vines, as previously mentioned with climbing plants. If you prefer something that provides more usability, larger arbors can also provide a shaded area for an outdoor relaxation area.

Tree Trunk Planter, Tree Stump Planter or Log Planter

Instead of using plastics or concrete to hold your plants, try using natural material such as a fallen tree trunk, a tree stump or any available log to flourish your flowers. Hauling away a fallen tree or getting a tree stump removed can be quite costly. Rather than shelling out the money, take advantage of the materials you already have and save money by using nature to flourish nature. One advantage of using trees as planters is their natural makeup. Trees provide a suitable environment for plants by maintaining the appropriate moisture and by providing nutrients.

Flower Fences

Many homes are surrounded by fences and many people can agree that fences are not the most appealing to look at. Instead of secluding your home with planks of wood, plastic or some other material, aestheticize it by incorporating plants and flowers. Avoid the closed-off, uninviting atmosphere with climbing plants or other pieces of nature along the fence line. Picket fences work well in this front yard landscaping idea as the flowers can peak through for a more integrated, intricate look. One thing to be cautious of for this project is to avoid planting large or dense plants to prevent your fence from leaning over time.

Spacious Porch

Another front yard landscaping idea is to include a spacious porch if you have space. Having an inviting and relaxing area in front of your house is a great way to add character. It is also a treat for yourself! There are many ways to amplify a porch such as decorating with flowers or climbing plants for a pop of color and to bring in diverse textures. You can also incorporate complementary lighting, as mentioned previously, to enhance the space for nighttime enjoyment. Because porches are not as common nowadays, this front yard addition is truly unique and refreshing to the eye and is an even better experience for you.

Desert Landscape

A lush, green lawn is a common aspiration for homeowners. However, everyone knows how difficult it can be to maintain it, depending on your area. This is why a desert-inspired front yard landscape is a great alternative. It is much easier and cheaper to maintain desert plants, such as succulents and cacti, as they require less water and attention. Not to mention, these plants are unique so they add variety to your yard. Oftentimes, desert landscapes are more minimal so you can expect an organized and neat yard that is much more appealing than your neighbor’s overgrown space.

Pathways and Walkways

Nothing is better than being able to immerse yourself within the elements of your front yard. After incorporating different plants, lighting or seating areas, including a clean walkway amplifies the space. While many front yard landscaping ideas involve incorporating flowers or ponds that give your space the appearance of depth and variety, a walkway allows you and visitors to experience it up close as opposed to admiring your work from afar. Whether it be large stepping stones or gravel, you can tailor your walkway to compliment your style of the house. Such landscaping ideas are highly customizable to fit your style which is why any home can benefit from this upgrade.

Steps and Stairs

Play with elevation to step up your front yard landscaping game. Incorporating steps in your yard is great for adding variety. Rather than keeping everything on the same level, raise plants, statues or pots on steps for dimension and interest. Of course, your steps can also be used to lead visitors to certain areas such as to your front door or an outdoor seating area. Steps are often an overlooked feature, but they do provide subtle grandiosity that everyone will appreciate. If you are up for the challenge, adding outdoor stairs up to your home makes for a grand presentation. Stairs automatically amplify the prestige of any home, if you have the elevation.

Hidden Appliances and Tools

If you have spent a lot of time transforming your front yard with unique additions and features, what could ruin the entire landscape are appliances and tools that do not blend in. For example, air conditioning units and hoses are not very mobile. However, what you can do is add covers or build boxes to disguise them. You can easily build a simple cover-up box out of planks of wood which can also complement a home’s rustic look. Depending on the type of object you are concealing, feel free to add planters to help blend in unappealing features even more. If you are spending a lot of time and energy on additional that will transform your front yard, do not forget to pay attention to features that will downgrade your space!

Mailbox Garden

Continuing on the idea of concealing unappealing aspects of your yard, creating a mailbox garden is a creative way to add detail and style to something as bland as a mailbox. Lush bushes and accent flowers add to your curb appeal which is a great way to stand out on your street especially since mailboxes are pretty standard amongst all houses. Vines are also a nice option to incorporate as they cover the boring mailbox post that can be difficult to conceal otherwise. Something to remember if you do create a mailbox garden is to be considerate of people passing by. For example, try to avoid flowers that attract a lot of bees and be cautious of your plants potentially covering up your house number in consideration of mail and package deliveries.

Water Garden

A sure way to impress your neighbors is to add water features into your front yard. More specifically, a water garden. Water gardens involve growing plants and flowers in water. You can add pots of water decorated with rocks, pebbles, and plants of your choice as an accent in your yard. If you are going for something larger, such as a pond, you can also incorporate aquatic life. Water gardens are convenient for homeowners as you do not have to maintain the plants as much. They tend to be hardier than soil-grown plants which is perfect for those who do not have as much time to keep up with their yard.


Give back to nature by adding a birdbath to your yard. Adding this feature is a great way to connect with the environment by providing water to wildlife in a safe manner. It also serves as a neat focal point in your yard. In regards to choosing a location for your birdbath, select a spot near plants that require a bit more water. The frequent splashing of water will benefit those plants. Also, when you replace the water, it is convenient to recycle it to nearby plants. This front yard landscaping idea is a perfect way to add life to your space. Share the beauty of your transformed home with visitors, both human and non-human.


Front yard landscaping is an effective way to transform your home’s appearance and atmosphere. If your home looks great on the outside, it will feel even better on the inside. Landscaping requires a lot of attention to detail because every addition can make the biggest difference. From growing flowers along your wall to growing flowers in a tree, do not be afraid to try out creative projects that set your home apart from the uniformity on your street.

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