Lawn Care and Mowing Services in San Diego

Lawn care and maintenance is a thriving business in the United States. Due to the vastly different types of terrain throughout the country, region-specific knowledge is required when it comes to optimal lawn care and service. San Diego and other southern California areas mostly have clay soil, which highly impacts which types of grass will thrive in this environment (Bermudagrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and more). In addition, San Diego's weather is also a huge factor in determining whether your lawn is a lush and beautiful area, or a brown and desolate patch. Unlike many parts of the United States, San Diego rains rarely and when it does, it's usually a light sprinkle. Due to this, not all lawn care techniques on the internet will apply to your lawn. The heat and lack of rain will greatly impact how you treat your yard and for some, it can be an art that's hard to perfect.

This is where hiring a professional service may be of use for the health of your lawn. No need to waste time, money, and water, hard labor, and effort,leave the lawn care to us and enjoy your time off at the beach or with your friends or family. When you return home, your lawn will look beautiful and will be a great spot for you and your family to relax!

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Lawn Care Services

Similar to haircuts and oil changes for your car, lawns do well with an established routine and constant check-ins to encourage optimal health.


Lawn mowing is an easy do-it-yourself task. Perhaps it was one of the first chores you learned how to do as an adolescent. However, many people are unaware of certain rules that make mowing better for your yard and encourage healthy grass. For example, many of us own a lawnmower but do not regularly sharpen the blades of our mower. This can result in grass uprooting and bare patches in your lawn. It also can leave grass ragged, which makes diseases easier to enter the leaf tips—best leave it to us. Most of our clients get their lawn mowed by us every two weeks, but we can arrange a frequency for lawn mowing that works for you whether it be weekly or monthly!


Fertilizing is important for a healthy lawn due to the nutrients the fertilizer provides, and can also work to help your yard resist disease and fungus. A good fertilizer should encourage healthy grass growth and increase thickness and density. A fertilizer with a slow-release feature is helpful to maintain the longevity of the fertilizer and not give too much too fast, and in contrast, a fertilizer with a fast release encourages green grass. However, there is too little and too much when it comes to fertilizing as there is a happy medium in the middle that is unique to each lawn.


Aerating is necessary when the water is unable to penetrate the soil, making it impossible for nutrients to get through and leaving your lawn looking unsightly. If your lawn is frequently stomped on, it may need more aerating compared to other lawns becausethe lawn is being constantly compacted and flattened. Aerating is an arduous process that takes a skilled person that attains the correct knowledge, but helps improve absorption of water, air, and nutrients into your soil which in turn improves the life, quality, and density of your grass. It also vastly improves your lawn's root system, which will also improve your yard's water retention rate. However, if your lawn had been seeded or sodded recently, aerating is not advised.

Environmentally-friendly Weed Killers

Weeds are an annoying part of lawn care, as we all know. However, we know that environment and chemically safe weed killers are of utmost importance to preserve the safety of your family and children who play on your yard, but also any possible pets you have that use the yard as a bathroom. We don't want your pets tracking chemical weed killers throughout the house! We offer environmentally friendly and safe weed killer treatments for your lawn. Not to mention, identification of the type of weed in your lawn is a vital part of the weed-killing process. Our experts know the common types of weeds that grow in the San Diego area, so no need to spend hours researching different kinds of weeds in your area, we've got it handled.

Why Have Professional Landscapers Service Your Lawn

A lawn care service has many benefits among them are years and years of experience, expert knowledge, and special industrial equipment suited for the job. There are many services offered by lawn service companies that could be done yourself, but there are also many opportunities for conducting tasks in a way that may hurt the health of your grass and lawn, which will result in more time and effort from you. In the end, you may decide to call in the professionals anyway. For best results and optimal growth and care of your lawn, make sure to only hire lawn care services by those who are knowledgeable about the area, climate, temperatures, etc. While you focus on other things, let us focus on your lawn.

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