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The San Diego Landscape Company dedicates itself to providing the best in landscaping, and in many cases, homeowners are often met with the dilemma of how to handle trees on their property. However, with our landscaping services, no need to be stumped about overgrown or fallen trees as our company handles a variety of services when it comes to trimming and removing trees. The San Diego Landscape Company prioritizes efficiency, accuracy, and speed when it comes to any service regarding trees and their health. Our well-experienced professionals who specialize in all matters of tree care, whether it is removal, pruning, emergency tree removal service, or tree cabling. We are proud to offer our tree services to the following neighborhoods in the San Diego Area: Pacific Beach, North Park, La Jolla, Miramar, Clairemont Mesa, Mission Valley, Linda Vista, University City, Normal Heights, and City Heights.

Tree Removal

San Diego is considered part of earthquake country, and though it has been almost a decade since an earthquake larger than a 6.0 on the Ritcher scale has occurred, the Rose Canyon fault line runs parallel to the heart of the port city, beneath areas such as San Diego International Airport and Coronado Island. Though earthquakes can’t be predicted and individuals can only find themselves dealing more with an earthquake’s aftermath rather than in its prevention, tree removal is one of the steps you can take to lessening the amount of damage your property may receive in the wake of a severe earthquake.

Especially for diseased trees, trees with a weakened core, or trees that have been damaged extensively, removing the tree entirely may be better for safety reasons in the short as well as long-term, regardless if you feel that your home is far away from a major fault line.

We offer a variety of professional services and equipment for handling tree removal including grapple trucks, wood chippers, and stump grinders. In removing your tree, we make sure that not only is the process seamless and quick, but we also leave the landscaping of your property in the same condition it was in prior to tree removal. Tree removal is definitely a messy process, but through our clean-up procedures, from laying down plywood to preserve your landscaping to including stump-grinding and collection of stump chips at no extra cost, we ensure an efficient and effective tree removal service.

Tree Trimming

Just like how you may cut your hair every other season to keep it tidy, trees need a similar trimming, but not just aesthetic reasons—trimming is also beneficial for a tree’s long-term health. Additional reasons to prune your trees, besides shaping its appearance to your liking, is to take off limbs that may be hazardous to local passersby, cut off diseased limbs before the remainder of the tree’s health is affected and to remove dying limbs.

The types of tree trimming that the San Diego Landscape Company offers include the following:

Fine Pruning

Typically, smaller limbs are removed in the process of fine pruning. Fine pruning allows for trees to take the desired appearance and/or shape by sculpting its growth pattern.

General Pruning

Maintaining a tree's limbs is not necessarily only for aesthetic and health reasons, but also may prove beneficial to your home's general landscaping. For example, an overgrown tree has the potential to block windows, which may make it easier to spot visitors—or potential intruders—from the safety of your home, or an overgrown tree may be making it harder for your lawn grass to grow.

Hazard Pruning

Tree limbs removed by this type of pruning are limbs highly likely to break or fall off. Pruning these limbs not only reduces the chances of injury but is healthier for the tree in the long run.

Crown Reduction

This type of pruning focuses on shortening the tree's height and decreasing the breadth of a tree's crown. Especially in urban areas where trees may come into contact with taller structures, such as power lines and homes, crown reduction is important for not only the tree's health but also the safety of local residents.

For the majority of our tree trimming services, we use a bucket truck to access and prune your tree. However, in the situation a bucket truck does not give us access to the limbs that require pruning, our professional team will climb the tree. All members of our tree-trimming team have been trained in the proper handling of tree climbing equipment while trimming and are also insured by our company, as to prevent the situation of worrying homeowners about potential liability issues.

Clean-up for tree trimming is also included in our estimate, and we strive to leave your landscaping the same as you found it before the tree trimming. However, we do offer a reduced cost option for homeowners who prefer to handle the clean-up themselves and wish to save money.

Emergency Tree Services

While San Diego is a haven of sun-filled days and clear weather, natural incidents such as earthquakes and extreme weather conditions like strong winds as well as heavy rain during the winter season can topple trees with even the smallest weakness in their roots/core. Contrary to popular belief, a fallen tree has as many hazards as a tree that hasn’t been pruned properly—fallen trees can destroy property and have lethal objects entangled within them such as downed power lines. It’s essential to not only exercise extreme caution when approaching a fallen tree but also to call in professionals with the appropriate experience and who you can trust; many times tree removal services attempt to scam homeowners who simply want a tree removed for safety purposes.

The San Diego Landscape Company understands the importance of providing expedited, reliable, and safe emergency tree services. We understand that sometimes a tree may fall on your property due to circumstances out of your control, even if the tree goes through regular health check-ups and pruning. In this stressful event, we want you to have ease of mind with our dependable tree removal services as well as affordable rates.

To provide an adequate response to emergencies, we have the heavy-duty equipment necessary for both hazard-free tree and debris removal. We haul away everything—tree, stump, debris, and loose branches—at a cost that is fair to your wallet.

Tree Cabling/Bracing

For older trees or trees undergoing extensive growth, sometimes extra support is necessary for the tree’s health and for the safety of those around it. One solution homeowners can invest in is cables for bracing the tree.

With tree cabling/bracing, a cable is installed between a tree’s branches to improve structural stability and to provide support. In the case of younger trees, cabling can assist in re-aligning the tree so it grows in the desired way. Tree cabling and bracing does not impact or negatively harm the tree when done correctly; cables overall ensure that trees are not dis-balanced weight-wise, as trees with large canopies or trees with a large mass of branches that disturb its centralized weight are less liable to topple with cabling support. Though different situations call for different applications, at times, tree cabling can even be used to supplant pruning as it affects the way limbs grow in the long run. Regardless of how you would like the cable to be installed and what your tree needs, all of our cables are built to last no matter the weather conditions.

Stump Grinding

Perhaps you’ve moved to a new home and realized the previous homeowners have left a stump in place of where a tree used to be. Perhaps you are in the situation where a tree on your property has fallen but its stump remains. No matter the reason, whether for aesthetic purposes or for safety precautions, we provide our stump grinding services at a cost scaled accordingly to the size of the stump and the amount of labor necessary for its removal.

Stumps may seem innocuous but they are potential areas for decay growth as well as feeding grounds for termites; the average tree stump can have roots four to six feet deep in some cases. Especially if you want to keep a tree stump around as decoration, leftover tree stumps require frequent sprays to ensure that it’s not harboring decay or pests that could negatively affect the rest of your garden’s plants or even your home.

Our company offers flexible packages so you can deal with your yard’s tree stump in the way you want to—whether it’s spraying it down or bringing in a grinder to chip away at the stump, we want to provide a solution that best serves you. By using our stump grinding services, not only do we assist in removing the leftover stump, but we also include clean-up in the deal. At an extra cost, we can also collect the stump wood chips and make it into mulch, which you can then use for your own garden. (However, we do not recommend doing this in the situation the removed tree stump is decayed as this may spread the disease to other plants in your garden.)

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Different trees require different amounts of care and different levels of service—our estimates are priced accordingly to the service, the unique situation of the tree requiring service, and the amount of labor necessary for the service. Because our free estimates are priced according to these aspects dependent on a variety of factors, we recommend having one of our professionals survey your tree first to recommend the proper care and service necessary for the tree’s health as well as for safety reasons.

Why Us?

Regardless if you require a service to remove a tree from your property, regular pruning emergency tree removal service in the aftermath of an earthquake, or removal of a stump, the San Diego Landscape Company works to give accessible and cost-effective tree trimming services to the local San Diego community.

In reflection of our dedication to being the top members of the industry, all of our equipment undergoes not only regular maintenance but also inspection. We ensure that our equipment meets industry standards such as those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and the Tree Care Industry Association (ACIA). We also strive to provide a safe working environment for our hired pros—all of our tree trimmers are highly-trained, hand-picked, and experts in their respective fields. We offer worker’s compensation, insurance, have regular safety debriefs, and are more than happy to provide a certificate if requested.

Tree trimming and tree removal may seem like daunting and intimidating tasks to handle. Get the yard you’ve always dreamed of today with our background-checked specialists and our customer-focused approach when it comes to providing our trustworthy tree trimming services.

If you are looking for a San Diego tree service, we are your solution!

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